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Thank you for visiting American Defense Training.

We strive to exceed your expectations in all aspects of our training.  Ours classes are for Civilian, military, and law enforcement looking to expand their training offerings.

We offer beginner CCW classes, firearm safety classes, or advance classes in low light shooting, defensive shooting, or working around a vehicle.

None firearm classes are also offered in crime prevention, mass shooter threat response, and emergency first aid.

If you are looking for defensive training let us know what you are looking for and we can recommend the course that will help you.  We also offer private classes and custom classes to meet your needs.

All of our instructors take continuing education classes annually and are certified with the NRA and USCCA.

We have Training Counselors on staff allowing us to offer all the USCCA and NRA instructor classes to our students.  Many of the instructors around the Cincinnati, OH region have been through our instructor classes.

We prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and Attitude to survive