Ohio Law changes 3/21/2017

We are reposting this information in 2018 for our Ohio clients who are not aware of the changes.

What’s happening to Ohio CCW On March 21,  2017?

Concealed carry laws change frequently in a state as well as reciprocity between states.  Below is a summary of the Ohio Changes going into effect on March 21, 2017.  Watch ConcealedCarry.Com for future changes in laws and reciprocity.

Changes to Ohio CCW from SB199 starting March 21, 2017:

  • Prohibits employers from banning a person who has been issued a valid CCW from storing a firearm or ammunition in their car on company property.
    • Although legally an employer cannot fire you for having a firearm stored in your car properly I would exercise caution in not talking about firearms in your car at work.  This could make you are target for a theft as well as Ohio is an employment-at-will state so you can be dismissed without cause.
  • Allows CCW-holders to keep their handgun locked in a motor vehicle on school premises.
    • Previously you could be in a car with a firearm in the process of picking up or dropping off a student but you could not leave the firearm in the car to walk into the office to pick your child up or attend a school function.  With this change, as long as your firearm is secured in your car you can go into the building for school events, sports activities, or teacher conference.
  • Allows colleges and government bodies to decide for themselves if concealed-carry should be allowed on their property.
    • Most of the major universities around Ohio have all said they are not changing their policy on concealed carry but some of the small colleges are embracing it.  Although the law has changed make sure you verify with the school before you carry on campus.
    • Also, be aware that some government buildings also serve as police stations, courts, and jails which are off limits still to CCW holders.
  • Allows CCW-holders to carry in day-care centers (unless the day care is posted with a “no-guns” sign).
    • Now parents can carry in a day-care without having to leave their firearm in their car.  Most day cares I have seen are not posting but as with any business check before you go in the building.
    • Also be aware that if your day care is at your work or in a government building that you may not be able to carry there.
  • CCW-holders may carry on private aircraft and in the non-secure area of airports.
    • After the Florida shooting at the baggage claim area this is a great improvement.  Just make sure you don’t try to walk through the TSA security area with your firearm still in your bag or on your person.
  • Active military members who have the same or greater training than that required to obtain a concealed handgun license (CCW) can carry a concealed firearm without a CCW license.
    • Remember this is for ACTIVE military only and only if they have training similar to the Ohio CCW license.  i.e. pistol shooting and safety.
    • For active military personnel, this is good step forward but make sure you have your paperwork with you to prove your training and current status.
  • An active duty military members can purchase a handgun who is under the age of 21 and who is older than 18.
    • I Always suggest you ask for ID whenever selling a firearm and if they are under 21 ensure they are with active duty military.
    • This will allow active duty military that are 18-20 years old and have training in pistols purchase and carry in Ohio without a CCW license.

Remember laws change and if you have questions about Ohio CCW laws to consult a lawyer or visit the Ohio Attorney General’s website (http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Files/Publications-Files/Publications-for-Law-Enforcement/Concealed-Carry-Publications/Concealed-Carry-Laws-Manual-(PDF))