Backup guns

Do you carry a backup gun?

I think the answer to that question depends on a lot.

How do you carry your every day carry? IWB, OWB, shoulder, ankle, purse…

Do you have a secondary defensive weapon? Knife, OC spray, etc…
What level is your training?

Just like the question of how much ammunition you should carry with you everyone has an opinion so here’s mine.

First is if you are going to carry have something for a backup. Guns malfunction but they are also not the appropriate tool all the times when it comes to a violent encounter. In a crowded area you wouldn’t want to use your gun because it’ll cause panic and secondly the chance of injuring an innocent bystander is very high.  When you gun does malfunction (because even the best do) do you know how to clear it or is it out of the fight.

Second if your firearm is out of the fight what are you going to do?  Have you trained to pull a backup gun, do you know how to use a knife, or do you have hand to hand fighting skills?.  Remember under stress you are going to default to your level of training.  You are not going to do something that you haven’t practiced just because.

Third carrying a backup gun, OC spray, tourniquet, or a knife requires room.  Have you determined where you would carry it along with extra ammunition, a light source, and your every day carry?   Where ever you carry you’ll need to practice drawing from that location so you know to under stress and in various types of clothing.  Remember if you don’t know how to do something you’ll be wasting precious time in figuring out what to do during a violent encounter.

Fourth and this is something to consider.  Police carry a lot on their belts in order to do their job.  All this weight negatively impacts their backs and posture.  As you are thinking about carrying equipment everyday make sure you consider the weight of it.  This will be a personal decision but when you weigh everything you want to carry it may also mean you’ll need to make decisions on what not to carry.

If after reading this you think a backup gun is in your future think about coming to our range day so you can practice under the watchful eye of an instructor.

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