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Rob is the founder of American Defense Training and has had a life long passion to help others. A certified NRA Training Counselor and USCCA Training Counselor, Rob can instruct any class offered by either organization. When he's away from teaching he enjoys time with his family and picking up new skills. Each year he spends time reading books on self defense and taking classes to improve his skills and understanding.

What to do in Ohio during a Traffic Stop

If you carry often (which you should) you will eventually find yourself being pulled over for one reason or another.  Maybe you’re pushing the speed limit a little bit too much, you didn’t make a complete stop, or your tail light is burned out.  Eventually everyone gets pulled over for something and if you are carrying it’s important you know how to handle the situation.

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Where do you carry at?

Whether you search the web, Facebook, or go into a store you will be inundated with marketing for all kinds of holsters to buy their model. Marketing is fine and good but make sure you go in properly informed before trying to make the best decision on the spot.  After you carry for a while you’ll end up with multiple holsters for your guns depending upon the activity you are doing.

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Kentucky now accepting USCCA CCW Course

If you are a USCCA certified instructor this is good new.

The USCCA just received approval from the Kentucky State Police that they will accept the USCCA CCW course for the Kentucky CCDW license.

A written confirmation is being sent to the USCCA from the Kentucky State Police and this will be posted on the website once they receive it.

Note: this is only for the Concealed Carry (CCW) class and the Home Defense and Basic Firearms Class.