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Self Defense Insurance Options

Although we are calling this Self Defense Insurance (because you sure hope you’ll never need it) we are really talking about the three types of plans that are currently on the market.
  1. Insurance underwritten policy – In this arrangement the company that sold the policy will pay a portion of the your payment to an insurance who underwrites a policy in the case of a claim.  Example of this would be USCCA, Second Call Defense, and NRA Carry Guard
  2. Legal service plans – Offered by law firms that will fund your legal defense.  An example of this would be Texas Law Shield and CCW Safe
  3. Members network – A membership based program where the members fund the benefits to it’s members.  An example of this would be the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network (ACLDN).

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Applying for your Ohio CCW license

In Ohio the steps to apply for your CCW license are pretty straight forward but there are some steps you need to be aware of.
  1. Complete your training and receive a completion certificate
  2. Submit your application (do not sign till you get to Sheriff’s office) and payment to your Sheriff
  3. Sheriff will issue your CCW license within 45 days

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Things to Consider about Today’s Active Killers

Lots of talk about School Killers and how to solve the situation.  I’ve included some interesting articles that are worthwhile to read to get a perspective about what is going on and dealing with it.

The first article is from Erik Kondo and he points out that everyone has a pet solution to the problem and every pet solution doesn’t address the problem as a whole.  Read the article and then think about your pet solution and if it’s a great as you thought it was before reading it. Continue reading Things to Consider about Today’s Active Killers

A Different take on Active Killer Scenarios

Make no mistake about it but if you intend to do harm to someone I feel you should be severely punished.  Unlike our media and politicians I want to talk about what individuals can do to improve their chance of survival in a Active Killer situation.  Whether they use a firearm, a truck, or knife they are intent upon killing anyone in their way.

Open Carry versus Concealed Carry

Depending upon where you live the practice of open carrying may or may not be legal.  Always make sure you understand the laws before carry openly or concealed.  Some states like Ohio allow open carry without a license, in Tennessee you need a license, and in Florida it’s illegal completely.  Laws do change also so always double check.
Most talk these days is around Concealed Carry since all states have a licensing process for it but you need to be informed on the reasons for open carry.

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