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A Different take on Active Killer Scenarios

Make no mistake about it but if you intend to do harm to someone I feel you should be severely punished.  Unlike our media and politicians I want to talk about what individuals can do to improve their chance of survival in a Active Killer situation.  Whether they use a firearm, a truck, or knife they are intent upon killing anyone in their way.

Getting the Right Training

Owner a firearm requires a few things such as keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized people and getting the training so we know how to use them property and effectively.

When thinking about training and evaluation trainer make sure you know the following
– What is the instructors knowledge of the topic?
– Can the instructor teach the topic effectively?
– Are YOU ready for this level of training?
– Do you have the proper equipment or will the equipment be provided for the training course?

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Keeping sharp as an instructor

You’ve completed the required instructor course and have started teaching students how to shoot and be safe.  Your student learn a lot and you feel accomplished.

BUT what’s wrong??

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Lights – What You Need To Know

We see the advertisements about weapon mounted lights that are brighter, long battery life, and mount to the front of our pistols.  Do you know how to use a weapon mounted light?  Properly? Continue reading Lights – What You Need To Know

Backup guns

Do you carry a backup gun?

I think the answer to that question depends on a lot.

How do you carry your every day carry? IWB, OWB, shoulder, ankle, purse…

Do you have a secondary defensive weapon? Knife, OC spray, etc…
What level is your training?

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