Countering Mass Shooter Threat – January

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  • January 27, 2018
    12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
The term Mass Shooter is familiar to all of us and have impacted far too many of us.  In this course we will review several mass shootings, how to identify a threat, reduce the chances, and control the situation if you are caught in one.
Who should attend?
Adults, parents, grandparents, and teenagers/students.
School staffer, administratiors, teachers, volunteers, etc.
Church leaders and parishioners.
Anyone wanting to know more about this type of event.
We will review data gathered from 48 mass shooting from Columbine to Sandy Hook and draw lessons from those events on how to reduce the chances of other events.
Topics such as magazine capacity and gun free zones will also be reviewed to see how they impact mass shooters.
Although there is no way to predict when or if you will eve be caught in a mass shooter incident you will be presented with basic life saving skills to treat yourself or someone else until professional help arrives.
Tuition is only 50.00 per person. Discounts for groups (i.e. schools and churches)



23995 Stateline Rd, Bright, Indiana, 47025, United States

We meet in the classroom in the rear of the gun shop and a map and instructions will be sent at time of the class.

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