At ADT our team of experienced instructors cover every firearm disciplines and offer classes from the NRA and USCCA.

We also have NRA Training Counselors and USCCA Training Counselor who can certify experience individuals to become instructors and have taught many of the CCW instructors in the region.

Rob is a lifelong outdoors man who enjoys spending time outdoors, with his family, learning about self defense, target practice, hunting, and firearms.  He’s held an Ohio CCW permit since they became available in 2004 and many other states since then.  Currently a NRA Training Counselor, RTBAV Regional Counselor, and USCCA Training Counselor certified to teach all disciplines.  A member of the IALEFI, Glock Advance Armorer, and Glock Instructor.  His specialties are personal protection, CCW laws, and outdoor survival tactics.  Outside of teaching self defense classes he is a project manager and volunteers his time teaching the next generation of hunters and trappers Ohio Hunter/Trapper Education.

Tony is a NRA Training Counselor and along with Rob are one of few groups who can teach all the NRA firearm courses currently offered.  Tony is a former law enforcement officer and is presently employed outside the law enforcement field.  His specialty is Ohio CCW law, trauma care, and self defense.  Away from teaching he is a family man and enjoys learning new skills.

Craig – Is an NRA and USCCA Certified Instructor specializing in Home Defense, Firearm Safety and advanced training.  He also focuses on the mental aspect of self-defense both before and after the encounter occurs.  He teaches Ohio CCW,  Personal Protection in and Outside the Home as well as Home Firearm Safety and Refuse to Be a Victim.

Michael –  Is a NRA Certified Instructor specializing in helping new shooters feel comfortable in shooting.  He teaches Ohio CCW and Personal Protection In and Outside The Home.

We prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and Attitude to survive