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LEOSA and the imperfect national carry in Ohio

First off I’m not former law enforcement and don’t qualify for LEOSA.  What I do know is that the intention of LEOSA and how it’s implement is not perfect and those who qualify for LEOSA need to understand the law before  they depend upon it.

One of the best resources is the NRA-ILA.  They stay on top of changes and advocate for improvements to the law.

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Where do you carry at?

Whether you search the web, Facebook, or go into a store you will be inundated with marketing for all kinds of holsters to buy their model. Marketing is fine and good but make sure you go in properly informed before trying to make the best decision on the spot.  After you carry for a while you’ll end up with multiple holsters for your guns depending upon the activity you are doing.

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Backup guns

Do you carry a backup gun?

I think the answer to that question depends on a lot.

How do you carry your every day carry? IWB, OWB, shoulder, ankle, purse…

Do you have a secondary defensive weapon? Knife, OC spray, etc…
What level is your training?

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What Do You NEED as a New Instructor?

Instructors starting out need to figure a few things out and can acquire a lot additional items over time for their classroom

The first requirement is determine what certifications you need (or have) and come up with a name for the training.  You make already have certs to get your company going or you may need to complete a USCCA or NRA course to become certified.  For the name of your business it be Joe’s Firearm Training or you could decide to come up with a different kind of name like American Defense Training.   Remember that the name should describe the business you are in and not just one piece of it.  i.e. we chose to go with ‘Training’ versus ‘Firearms  or Guns’ because we try to offer defense training no matter what it is.

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Why Reload Ammunition?

Most center fired ammunition these days is easy to find either by ordering it off the internet or by finding it in your local sporting goods store.

Then why would any want to reload their own ammunition?

When ammunition was in short supply the reloader could assemble their own ammunition as long as they had the necessary components.  If you didn’t reload then you had to pay outrageous prices for the ammunition that was available, as well as accept whatever was available.

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