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Getting the Right Training

Owner a firearm requires a few things such as keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized people and getting the training so we know how to use them property and effectively.

When thinking about training and evaluation trainer make sure you know the following
– What is the instructors knowledge of the topic?
– Can the instructor teach the topic effectively?
– Are YOU ready for this level of training?
– Do you have the proper equipment or will the equipment be provided for the training course?

Although there are a lot of trainers out there, not all trainers are created equally and not all trainers have the same background.  Some trainers have law enforcement training, military training, or other certification.  Allot of certifications can sound impressive but specialized skills are required to teach different topics.  Remember not every member of law enforcement is on the swat team and not every person in military gets Seal training.

This story below highlights why asking a few questions can hopefully prevent you from being hurt during training.  The officer in this story died after participating in training and now his department is trying to figure out if that type of training was ever authorized.

Detroit Officer Was Killed During Unapproved Training Exercise, Chief Says

Quality training will do more for you than shooting every day.


LEOSA and the imperfect national carry in Ohio

First off I’m not former law enforcement and don’t qualify for LEOSA.  What I do know is that the intention of LEOSA and how it’s implement is not perfect and those who qualify for LEOSA need to understand the law before  they depend upon it.

One of the best resources is the NRA-ILA.  They stay on top of changes and advocate for improvements to the law.

This is very short description of a catch-22 for LEOSA holders in Ohio that we would like to educate people on.

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) is a Federal law, passed in 2004 after the 9/1/2001 terrorist attacks, that allow current qualified retired law enforcement officer to carry a firearm across the United States that is not against that state law.  That’s the intent of the legislation but let’s look at how it’s implemented in Ohio.

Ohio: LEOSA simply allows retired law enforcement to carry in any other state that they would not otherwise be prohibited from carrying in.  That means driving between states can be done a lot easier than with a CCW permit which you have to check out each state that you travel through.  Although in Ohio there are specific exceptions to prohibited areas ares for CCW holders that do not apply to LEOSA holders.  Areas like school parking lots, establishments that serve alcohol, and day cares.  What this means is if you have a LEOSA license but not a CCW permit then you can’t carry in this locations.

The bottom line when it comes to LEOSA it’s a carry permit recognized on the Federal level.  It is NOT a CCW license even if it functions like it in a lot of respects.

We recommend that if you are going to regularly carry in Ohio it would be behoove you to get your Ohio CCW permit or you home state CCW permit.  This allows you to carry in Ohio without getting into a legal tangle because you have a LEOSA permit and not a CCW license.

Note:  Remember to always research state and federal laws when traveling.  If you have specific questions hire qualified legal counsel.