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Open Carry versus Concealed Carry

Depending upon where you live the practice of open carrying may or may not be legal.  Always make sure you understand the laws before carry openly or concealed.  Some states like Ohio allow open carry without a license, in Tennessee you need a license, and in Florida it’s illegal completely.  Laws do change also so always double check.
Most talk these days is around Concealed Carry since all states have a licensing process for it but you need to be informed on the reasons for open carry.

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Getting the Right Training

Owner a firearm requires a few things such as keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized people and getting the training so we know how to use them property and effectively.

When thinking about training and evaluation trainer make sure you know the following
– What is the instructors knowledge of the topic?
– Can the instructor teach the topic effectively?
– Are YOU ready for this level of training?
– Do you have the proper equipment or will the equipment be provided for the training course?

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Training after receiving your Concealed Carry License

As a trainer I like it when people take training.  It gives me someone to help in building their skills but this article isn’t about taking my training as much as the necessity of training for everyone who carry a firearm.

In Ohio you are required to receive five elements in your CCW class.

  1. Ability to name and explain safe gun handling and storage
  2. Demonstrate and explain how to hand ammunition safely
  3. Show competency necessary to safely shoot a handgun
  4. Receive gun handling training
  5. Spend at least six (6) hours in classroom and 2 hours on the range

Now that and a background check will get you a CCW license in Ohio.

Unfortunately it doesn’t prepared you for a violent encounter.  Additional training is the only way to experience it.


  • The adrenaline rush that everyone involved will be affected by.  Yes, even the criminal will experience a rush of adrenaline.  Both of you will also experience the crash after the encounter is over with.  During training we duplicate this by introducing artificial stress into training by running a shot timer
  • Tunnel vision has to everyone and the only way to deal with it is to train for it.  If you don’t know how to break tunnel vision you could potentially make a critical mistake by not noticing other people intent on doing you harm.  Remember bad people aren’t going to fight fair and might have friends with them when they decide to attack you.
  • Know how to shoot defensively and not bullseye.  Yes, defensive shooting means you need to shoot fast but you still want to be able to hit what you are aiming at.  A miss is loss time and a wasted round.  AND it could mean an innocent person could be hurt and you’ll be responsible.
  • If you are caught in a violent assault it is likely you or someone with you could require first aid.  Maybe it’s some scraps or maybe it’s a bullet wound.  Learn how to deal with trauma while you wait for emergency care.

When you are thinking about additional training don’t think that the course is going to be teaching you the information as your CCW class.  Look for classes that will advance your skills with your pistol, trauma response, and mental awareness.

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Helpful Information and Links

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In this article I am going to answer the question that I get asked a lot about the different source of information I use in staying current.

Podcasts – Many Podcasts are people like yourself who want to know more about defending themselves and they have turned their inquisitive nature into a Podcast channel talking to industry experts on all kids of topics.  Here’s a listing of the ones I find of value.

  • Concealed Carry Podcast – This is put on by the people over at ConcealedCarry.com twice weekly and they have asked me to be a guest several times on their show
  • Black Man With A Gun – Kenn Blanchard puts this on and tackles a lot questions people don’t normally talk about.
  • Law of Self Defense – Put on by the best selling author Andrew Branca.  He does a weekly Facebook Live, PodCast, and YouTube all at the same time.  A worthwhile use of time to hear how the law is applied to self defense cases.

Websites – Check out these websites for great content.

Active Response Training – Greg Ellifritz is a full time police office, teaches at TDI, and world traveler.  His insights on crime, crime prevention, and responding to crime at very worthwhile to read and we’ve reposted his  articles before on Facebook.

ConcealedTraining.com – A good source for finding information about CCW in different states and which states honor your permits.  They also produce the ConcealedCarry Podcast and send out the Guardian Nation quarterly box.

Buckeye Firearms – The premier Second Amendment group in the state of Ohio.  Lots of good resources for Ohio CCW carriers and they also host discussion boards to ask questions about CCW

Ohioians for Concealed Carry – The group in Ohio that really got CCW rolling back in the early 2000’s.  Good information on upcoming legislation and they also provide the ‘No Guns = No Money’ cards

NRA Materials Website – A good resource for instructors and students alike.  They have good prices on blue guns and can also purchase books and other materials involved in the shooting sports.  Including information on Eddie The Eagle and Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV).

Amviewnition – Ammunition cut aways for demonstrating the parts of a cartridge for rifle, pistol, and shotgun.  (Discounts available for instructors)

YouTube – There’s a lot of information out on YouTube.  Some of it is quality and some of it is of very low quality.  Below are a couple quality channels we follow and find their information useful.

  • Munitions Law Group – A Columbus, Ohio legal group that specializes in Ohio concealed carry law and make some pretty cool videos.
  • USCCA – A channel that is all about concealed carry as you would expect from the United State Concealed Carry Association
  • Active Self Protection – John at ASP has great videos of violent encounters that he breaks down into digestible chunks.

Books – Great resources to read and refer back to down the road.  Once you read the book we suggest making a note inside the book the date you read it in the case you ever need to refer back to it.

This is a partial list of the materials we use to stay on top of changes.

Start with these suggestions and expand your research from there with knowledgeable sources.


Crime Prevention in cold weather

Today I woke up and saw it was -6 degrees on the thermometer in our part of the world.  The news is telling everyone going outside to bundle up to stay warm.  Many of us will go out today and will want to have a warm car to get in to.

It’s tempting to run out, start the car and then finish breakfast or finishing getting everything together before going to the store.  It’s only 10 or 15 minutes and the car will be warm and any frost will be gone from your window.

The problem is a criminal knows this and knows they can drive off with your car and you won’t know for 5 or 10 minutes.

I see it all the time at the gas pumps or convenience store where someone is going to run in for a quick minute and leave their car running.  Remember it takes just a minute to jump in a running car and drive off.

News article of a stolen car while being warmed up

Our suggestion is not to give the criminals the keys to your car by warming it while you go inside.  Otherwise you could ruin your day.

Safety note: Never leave a car warming up inside a garage as it can cause a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide.

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